Photo Gallery

Welcome to my photo gallery.

Just a randem selection as time goes by of the mischief and madness!!!!

After a gig with The Dubliners, August 1994Brian at Beal Na Blaith Brian with Pat Kelleher, John Sheahan & Eamon Campbell of The Dubliners Brian and Mick O’BrienA Bleak February Day, Beal  na mBlath, 1997Back along the banks of The Grand Canal, Dublin, early ninetiesRecording with Gerry O’Connor 1997Brian and DeziBrian with Gerry O’Connor in Coppeen, Enniskeen, taking a break from recording, 1997Mr.Thomas’s, Manchester July 2007Brian with Actor Pete Postlethwaite at Mr. Thomas’s Royal Exchange GigThe Rare Ould Times Concert at The Everyman Palace Theatre, Cork City 2004


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