Anyone who ever listened seriously to Irish folk music will have heard the distinctive sound of the Dubliners. If you heard the Dubliners you cannot have missed the distinctive voice of Luke Kelly. Sadly, Kelly died at the height of his popularity and probably years before he reached the peak of his performance. Ronnie Drew […]

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FolkWorld CD Review -Issue 32 12/2006

“The late Luke Kelly is a legend. Brian Roebuck is a Dublin man himself (from Drimnagh precisely), and Luke is his hero since the age of seven, when he started singing Dubliners songs and playing the banjo. Luke kept him from getting into rock’n’roll!! Brian, now based in Manchester, honours Luke’s memory in all his songs. Why Luke? […]

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‘A Song For Luke’- Irish Music Magazine Review by Sean Laffey

Now here is a man after my own heart, there was a time (sorry to admit the anoarkism) that I knew every song in the Luke Kelly canon, oh the agony my poor old dad had to put up with as I lacerated Wean Macula classics in the bathroom every morning. I’ve had a suspicion […]

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The ‘Rare Ould Times Concert’ Review; The Southern Star, Sept 2003

The Everyman Theatre in Cork played host to a special tribute to the late great Luke Kelly on Sunday 31st August 2003. The show was opened by Aoife Clancy and was followed by the main act, of which some famous traditional names were included. The band, Brian Roebuck on vocals and 12 string guitar, Gerry […]

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